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Easter fun at Springfields!

There’s lots of fun this Easter with our new rabbits and Easter Egg Trail.

Georgia (the Rex Rabbit)

Sasha (Rex & Loinhead cross breed)

The Easter Bunny has visited Springfields this Easter and left some eggs around the park – collect all the letters that appear on the eggs to spell a word and you could win a prize!

Two friendly rabbits (mum and daughter) have moved in over the winter. Two year old Georgia is a Rex breed, and the father of her one year old daughter, Sasha was a lion-head. They’re looking forward to meeting you and having lots of cuddles! Bunny cuddles are available several times a day along with our other fun animal encounters on our daily programme of activities.

The Rex breed are renowned for having an intelligent and caring nature, making them great mothers for breeding. Lionheads usually have a playful active nature – so we’ll have to make sure he doesn’t jump away during cuddles!

Our fantastic face painter will be here on Good Friday (14 April) with cute rabbit designs as well as her usual collection!

We’re now open every day 10am to 5pm during local school holidays, closed on Sundays during local school term time. For more information visit

Supporting our local community

Throughout 2016 we issued over £2,500 worth of vouchers for fundraising events being organized in Cornwall! The good causes that benefited from the vouchers include nurseries, schools, equipment for playgrounds, various charities and individuals needing specialist care equipment.

Over £5,600 was raised during 2016 with your help for local school girl Help Izzy Walk – our chosen charity for the year. Izzy’s family needed to raise £80,000 for her to have a life changing spinal operation enabling her to walk and dance with her twin sister.

In May 2016 we donated Springfields for the day to Izzy’s family including the admission fee, and saw over 1000 visitors attend to support Izzy! Combined with donations and proceeds from the duck races the total amount raised at the end of the season was £5,656.01!

Thank you to all our customers for supporting Izzy’s family. In January 2017 she flew out to the United States with her family and successfully had her spinal operation. Early signs are promising but Izzy has a long way to go yet and a lot of physiotherapy to strengthen her legs. Well done Izzy!

You can read more about Izzy’s campaign “Help Izzy Walk” on their justgiving page here.

If you’d like to request a voucher for your fundraising event, we recommend you contact us well in advance of the date. We don’t guarantee being able to issue vouchers but will help when we can.

Noisy Hannah and Ginger!

Hannah the goose!

Springfields welcomed a couple of new friends over the winter. Hannah is our very noisy Greylag goose, who joined us at the same time DEFRA had imposed a quarantine on all UK birds during the winter. Along with our ducks and chickens she spent most of the winter indoors but is slowly starting to explore her surroundings and spread her wings (sorry – we couldn’t resist)! She can often be found in the yard in the afternoon sitting outside her stable squarking away.

Ginger (Shetland pony)

10 year old Ginger joins our existing six ponies here at Springfields. He’s a cheeky Shetland pony full of character and is currently undergoing training to be able to offer pony rides in the future. Shetlands are the smallest breed of pony but one of the most resilient, originating from the Shetland islands where temperatures plummet and grass is scarce. What Ginger lacks in height – he makes up for in strength and personality!

Pony ride tickets can be purchased from the kiosk in the play barn, starting at £2 for a paddock ride. Children must be at least 18months and a hat fit them for safety reasons. Don’t forget your camera to take a picture at the end!

Food can be bought from the kiosk to feed our animals including our ducks and chickens for just 50p per bag. Many people are unware of the harmful effect feeding bread can have to ducks and we monitor the food that our animals eat and therefore kindly ask you don’t bring your own.

Easter blog, uploaded April 2017.


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