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Springfields is a relaxed and traditional family-friendly fun park with activities to keep the whole family entertained whether it rains or the sun shines!

Most families spend the whole day here and return again and again.

We’re situated near Newquay just off the Trekenning roundabout on the A39 at St Columb Major, with easy access from the A30 too. Directions are available here.

Customers love the large outside park area as there’s so much room for little ones to safely run around and play in the fresh air! There’s lots of attractions for the whole family why not take a ride on our 1902 Merry Go Round or our little Train ride amongst others . We’re not a farm but we do provide a home to our lovely animals ” from Shetlands to Shires see them here .   Inside, we have a 10,000 sq ft play barn – so plenty of space for little ones to run and play if it’s raining!

Family Fun !

Why not take the family on the vintage Merry go Round built in 1902 and still playing the carded music from the musical organ in the middle . If you’re a little bit more adventurous then race around the track on the Classic Dodgems and go through the Halloween Express Ghost Train!! For the tiny ones we have our traditional roundabout , Vintage cars and little train ride .

Tractor Rides!

All aboard Springfields Fordson Major tractor “Ted” for a free ride around the park.  Our tractor departs from the Platform several times a day for a ride around the park.

Row row row your boat…

Maybe Mum and Dad fancy a romantic row around the lake or a race against the kids? It’s very rare to not hear visitors laughing as they row around the lake having fun!

If you’re lucky and keep your eyes open whilst rowing, you might see our wild ducks or moor hens nesting on the inner bank with their ducklings! Wait quietly under the bridge and our fish will swim up to you.  After we suffered considerable flooding and damage on the park at the start of 2016, some of our fish moved into the Boating Lake. However, we were delighted to spot their young swimming alongside them last season – a definite good sign they’re thriving and doing well in their new home!


If you’re still feeling competitive then why not have a go on our pedal go-kart track! We’ve resurfaced the track after it washed away during winter storms in 2016! We’ve also made improvements to the karts and have lots more ideas for this area – so watch this space.

Old Quoit Wood

Our eight-acre ancient woodland is home to lots of wildlife including deer, stoats, bats, otters and wild rabbits. Various species can be identified by their faeces and footprints even if they’re not seen!

English Heritage have recently assigned a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status to our woodland. We’re unable to allow public access until the extent of any restrictions are fully known.

Shetlands to Shire

Springfields Fun Park and Pony Centre is well known for its ponies and horses indeed many people have had their first ever ride on one of our ponies and have fond memories of this . We not only have our riding ponies but keep a look out for ” Tam and ” Boadicea” our “gentle giants” they are a Clydesdale and Shire horse and very friendly . We love Shetland ponies and at Springfields we have our beautiful miniature Shetlands “Ria” and the babies “Kenny” ” Larney” and “Bridey” .

Trotting good fun!

Children love being able to experience a pony ride from the age of 18 months. Our gentle ponies can be ridden around the paddock or lake and are all led by our experienced staff.   Please be aware that the minimum head size is 44cm.

Don’t forget our ponies love a bit of pampering during the pony grooming sessions which you can join in too! Don’t forget your camera as there’s plenty of photo opportunities for you to snap away for the family album.

Our alpacas and Llamas

Our male alpacas (Rolo, Morgan and George) moved in at the end of June 2015.  From the same place as Paddington Bear, alpacas originate from Peru and Chile. We also rehomed two llamas ( Barrie and Raymond ) which are of the same family as the alpacas ” Camelidae ” the differences between the two types are the llamas are bigger with longer ears while the alpacas are smaller with blunt faces and small ears .

Miniature pigs!

In 2016 we adopted four adorable miniature pigs, which we’re sure you’ll agree are very cute! They are also known as “tea-cup pigs” due to their size at birth allowing them to fit in a large tea cup! Our pigs are fully grown now but still relatively small to other breeds (which can sometimes frighten younger children).

Our goats

We have four pygmy goats, two of which are called “Bill” and “Ben” who we adopted in 2016 (Ben is shown in the image).  You can buy goat food from the kiosk when you enter the park at just 50p a bag .

Feeding our animals

Small bags of animal food are available to buy at the kiosk for just 50p a bag. You can feed the ducks, chickens, goats and fish. We have a lot of wild ducks move in throughout the summer but the white ones live here all year around. 

We have four lakes on the park including the Boating Lake, Rainbow Lake and Drake Lake which are home to our very big carp, moor hens and the wild ducks! Head over to the pagoda on Rainbow Lake and the fish will hear you. They make a “v” shape in the water as they swim over to you for some food! Alternatively you can row around the Boating Lake and wait very still and quietly under the bridge. The fish will swim up to your boat, but don’t lean over!

Rainy day? Don’t worry – come and play in the Springfields Play Barn!

We’re steadily making changes to the play barn each year and have lots of plans for the future! The big but open space makes it ideal for you to let the kids run around and play whilst still being able to see them.

Are you brave enough to have a go on the vertical Drop Slide – if not then the wavy Astra Mat Slides are great for big and little kids of all ages! Our UV Enchanted Wood offers a spooky play setting, which kids love to test their bravery and play hide and seek, whilst the soft play area lets them burn off some energy!

We have play houses, castle, and ride on cars that offer pretend play. This can help develop children’s self-esteem, physical, social and language skills and we have plans to develop this further.

We have introduced an Under Two area to give our really young visitors somewhere to play without Mum and Dad worrying about them being knocked by a bigger kid.

For the big kids, parents or grandparents – you can challenge each other to a giant game of chess, draughts, connect 4, jenga or snakes and ladders!

If the rain pours down and the thunder descends – don’t worry. We can bring some of our animals into the stables so that you can visit them without going onto the park and getting drenched (that is if you can get your little ones to leave the play barn)!

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Crazy Golf

Why not take on the kids and play 9 holes on the crazy golf course but try to avoid the windmill !!